Wu Que

A tengu smuggler, cad, and otherwise unsavory character.


Tengu Rogue (smuggler) Lvl 2
Wu Que is a tengu of rather spindly build, a little shorter than most. He has white bands of feathers on his shoulders and upper arms that connect to the white patch on his lower torso.
He tends to wear only loose-fitted pants and a varied assortment of metal rings, cuffs, bracelets and baubles. He paints three vertical stripes on his beak with white paint to help people recognize him.
He prefers to avoid direct confrontations, but if forced to violence he fights with a heavy-bladed machete and goes for the low-blow techniques that will end the fight as quickly as possible.


Wu grew up on the docks of Kingsport, picking pockets for a living until he was old enough to hire on with a crew. He has spent many years now running illegal goods past port authorities or aiding fugitives to get past check-points unnoticed.
Despite his deep and nearly obsessive love of money, he is actually rather compassionate, and what coin he doesn’t hoard he uses to help out other warf orphans and he has been known to take jobs out of charity without demanding exorbirant fees of those in desperate need.

Wu Que

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