The Siren's Song

A shallow-keeled blockade runner, previously owned by a group of rum smugglers.


She might not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.
The Siren’s Song (formerly the smuggler ship Tatterdemalion) is a low-profile sloop, 75 feet long and 25 wide, with two masts.
She is freshly painted a light shade of blue, and her sails are new and unsullied. She looks quite neat and presentable.
Despite the unassuming appearance, the ship is quite fast and easily maneuverable, and her cargo hold is capable of being packed surprisingly full. She also has quite a few secret compartments and hidey-holes, from when she was used by smugglers.
She requires a crew of at least 4 and can support a full crew of 15. She can carry 50 total passengers, but they’d have to get real friendly to all lie down at the same time.
She has an AC value of 8, 60 hp, a hardness of 5, and a base save of +4
It is armed with a light ballista.


The Siren's Song

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