A female half-orc


Half-orc Paladin (redeemer) Lvl 2
Roza is tall and strong, with dark skin and close-cropped black hair. Other than her size, the only outward sign of her orcish heritage are her blunt nose and her tusks.
She is forceful and a bit demanding, but she is a dedicated worker and she is loyal to the crew. She never uses her strength to force people to do things.
She seems to only have a single pair of pants, tattered sailor’s trousers with the blue and white stripes of a Navy rating. For a shirt she often wears only a cloth wrap around her chest.

Recently in battle, she revealed she has powers to magically heal, as well as swing a sword.


Over grog rations and during games of dice on the deck, she will say that she grew up in Kush, a servant to a minor noble family. She won’t say how she got to Kingsport to be a sailor.

She says she always could use the lay on hands ability, since she was a child, but she’s had no formal training in any of the Paladin Academy-Temples.


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