The Journal of Coral Biscara

The diary is coded with a cypher, but on the inside of the front cover in basic common and in Coral’s handwriting, is a message. “My dear children, I am deeply sorry for the pain my disappearance has caused. Hopefully this account will settle your minds, if not mend your hearts.”

The coded entries begin from when she left Khitai two years ago and headed south, hoping to catch pirates preying on ships near the Bladed Isles. What she found was a ship being attacked by a sea monster. The horrible tentacled mass was devouring a merchant vessel. Her ship intervened, slaying the beast and rescuing the crew of the doomed ship. She gave them a ride to Entella, then journeyed on to Kingsport.

On her way across the Jewel Archipeligo, however, she made port in a town that was being infiltrated by Deep Ones, the servants of Dagon. She and her crew slew many of the aberrations, and drove the rest into the sea. The high priest of the cult, however, marked her with a curse, which allowed her to be scryed upon by the priesthood of Dagon.

She sailed to Kingsport, but was beset in the streets by cultists of Dagon. She fought them off, and did so well enough that Kublai Tal, the reknowned adventurer and great nemesis of the Scions of Jormunnger, now thought to be mad, came to her and told her of the true face of the world.

After a day and a night of hearing the terrible stories, Coral agreed to help Kublai Tal thwart the machinations of the cult of Dagon and its shadowy leader, a man known only as “The Harbinger.”

She sailed around the Southern Seas, secretly fighting the hidden foes, afraid to return home lest her curse pass to her children. She dared not send the letters she wrote, either, instead forming a diary of sorts, full of her thoughts and fears and love. She enchanted the pages to be waterproof, and the writing so that only one of her blood could read them.

The letters are interspersed between entries containing actual historical accounts. The last historical entry tells of her discovering the Merfolk city where the journal was found. She says that the Merfolk have aided her in her war against Dagon, as their deity, Mannan Mac Tir, is his ancient enemy.

The Journal of Coral Biscara

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