The Crew

Redlegs Greaves – Navigator – half-elf
-Older than the rest, and a bit somber. He has a pegleg made of polished red wood. He says he got the name before the leg, though.

Wu Que – Bosun – tengu
-Slender and rather weedy. He has an near obsessive love of shiny things, especially coins. He also fights during boarding actions, preferring sneak attacks to direct confrontation.

Milah – Bosun’s Mate – catfolk
-A young black-furred catfolk. She tends the crows-nest with her sharp eyes and keen ears.

Susan Black – Sailor – human
-She is quite pretty, with long black hair and an attractive face. She is nice, but not a very good sailor.

Young Thom – Sailor, Rigging rat – human
-He is quite young, about Milah’s age. He likes to think he’s funny, but he really needs to work on his delivery.

Tobias Bridge – Sailor – half-elf
-An able sailor, a terrible gambler.

Pugwash Willabottom – Sailor – human
-Says he was raised by halflings, eats enough to lend credence to this claim.

Long Jaques – Sailor – human
-Insists that he is a runaway nobleman from Eria, fleeing from an arranged marriage to a troll of a woman.

Pardel Rivero – Sailor – human
-A freewheeling rake from the southwestern border kingdom of Garacia. He is fond of telling exaggerated stories of the women he has seduced.

Roche Brower – Sailor – half-elf
-A native of the Jewel Archipelago. His bright green eyes and longer pointed ears suggest he may be descended from Wood Elves.

The Crew

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